Lujatalo Oy makes material choices easier in new construction

Construction firm Lujatalo Oy uses the service in connection to new construction to make material choices easier for Lujakoti customers. Lujatalo Oy’s business development manager Tomi Tiainen is satisfied with the ease of use and quick start-up of the service.

Lujatalo Oy is a diverse construction firm that operates throughout Finland. Its service selection includes housing and office construction, new construction, and renovation projects. In addition to Lujatalo Oy, the Luja Group includes Lujabetoni Oy, which operates in the concrete industry sector, dry product specialist Fescon Oy, and affiliates in Sweden and Russia.

Business development manager Tomi Tiainen has been with Lujatalo Oy for three years so far. His areas of responsibility include supervising implementation of the company’s strategy, business development, and other development tasks.

Quick start-up

– We chose the service based on a bidding competition. is outstanding in having been developed by paying close attention to customer needs. The service is also very easy to use, says Tiainen.

– is perfect for our needs also in terms of size. It has all the necessary resources, but is still fast and flexible.’s staff is highly attentive and implements any changes requested promptly.

Makes material choices easier

Lujatalo uses the service in new construction to guarantee the best possible service to Lujakoti customers.

– One of the challenges of new construction is that residents have not yet seen their future apartment. application makes it extremely easy to illustrate different material choices, so customers can more reliably make the right choices.

Lujatalo has created four different styles for new construction (Helmi, Hiili, Raffi and Raitti), with ready material packages for each style. This further helps residents to make the best choices for them. Each theme has its own interior design, colour palette, and furnishing options.

– With the application, customers are able to keep up with their choices and the effect of these choices on the total price. The residents can either make the choices personally using the service or with the aid of Lujatalo’s customization engineers.

– service provides ready apartment cards for the use of residents and Lujatalo Oy. In addition, the application prepares supplier order lists.

– We are also considering using’s project bank function, which is part of the service. It would be great if we could use this application as a channel for ordering drawings. We are also looking into integrating the service with our own systems.


Increased sales using the service has boosted sales at Rakmaster, which specialises in piping renovations, home remodelling and repairs.

“Compared to earlier sites, our most recent site achieved sales of an additional 25%. has also made day-to-day work much easier,” says Seppo Käyräkangas, Rakmaster’s managing director.

Since 2014 Rakmaster has used in piping renovation sites, bathroom remodelling, and to distribute information about electrical renovations in an apartment block. With’s help everything went successfully.

“Deployment was very smooth and we were able to start using the service with no problems. It is also very user-friendly,” says Käyräkangas.

Residents, too, have been very satisfied with Taloinfo.

“Taloinfo has been well-received and the residents have been able to log in to the service. Explanatory, instructional videos available via our website have been a great help,” adds Käyräkangas. is a service channel for shareholders, residents and renovation interest groups.

“Thanks to Taloinfo, we can serve customers better and get them more involved in projects,” says Käyräkangas, Taloinfopistecom Oy’s managing director.

Rakmaster Oy is a family-owned company operating in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa with customers including private individuals, companies and associations.  It has grown steadily into one of the most experienced and versatile companies in the Capital Region.

Aros Bygg & Förvaltning

The Finnish company has signed the first sale contract for its communications application

Taloinfopistecom Oy has signed the first sale contract in Sweden for its resident and project communications application. Aros Bygg & Förvaltning, which operates in the Stockholm region, has adopted the cloud service to manage residential and project communications at repair and real estate management sites. Introduced to the Finnish market in 2013, is already being used at thousands of sites.

– Sweden is a promising market area for us, because the operating practices of construction and communications culture are very similar to those in Finland. Also, there is a significant repair backlog in Sweden, with tens of thousands of apartment blocks requiring piping and facade renovations in the coming years. Also new construction projects are continually being set up. However, no communications service similar to is currently available on the Swedish market, says the Managing Director of Taloinfopistecom Oy Heikki Niskanen.

In Finland, the application is currently used by nearly a hundred companies specializing in repairs and new construction, including contractors, constructors, and design companies. Through real estate managers, already reaches tens of thousands of residents in hundreds of housing companies. Taloinfopistecom Oy continues to develop the application in cooperation with residents. The company’s product development and programming operations are based in Iisalmi in North Savo.

– The selection of applications designed for the needs of real estate managers and construction companies is very narrow in Sweden. However, successful communications is vital in everyday life and also during renovations. Effective communications provide a competitive edge, and we are a pioneer in this area. We offer an excellent customer experience, at the same time improving the efficiency of our own operations, including project communications, says Lars Grandin, who works as a foreman at Aros Bygg & Förvaltning. The annual turnover of the construction and real estate management company, which mainly operates in and around Stockholm, is about 35 million euros.

Construction and repair are thriving in Sweden

An unprecedented construction boom began in Sweden in 1965 following a Government decision to quickly solve the housing shortage. Between 1965 and 1975, over one million new apartments were constructed as part of this ambitious programme, which was appropriately called “Miljonprogrammet”. At present, apartments built during that period account for around 25% of Sweden’s total housing stock, and very much of this stock is now due for renovations.

According to a survey conducted by the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the rate of housing construction in Sweden in the 2010s has accelerated. In 2015, more than 42,000 dwellings will be built, of which around 20,000 will be in blocks of flats. Housing construction in the country has not been this active since the early 1990s, and at the end of 2006.

In Sweden, the demand for housing has increased rapidly in the past decade, which is partly due to increased income levels, low interest rates, regulation of the rental market, and the exceptionally rapid population growth of recent years. The population is increasing in metropolitan areas in particular: for example, the population of Greater Stockholm has increased by over 9% since 2008. Outside the larger cities, population growth has been slightly over 2% a year.

A flexible and user-friendly application

Developed in Finland, is an online-based resident and project communications service for design companies, contractors, real estate managers, housing companies, and new construction sites.

The benefits of the service include ease of use and support of a range of different channels. In addition to residents, the configured recipients of resident communications can include, for example, family members of senior citizens, in which case the message will be sent to them also. Real estate managers can easily inform either all housing companies under their management, or only one building, apartments in just one staircase, or a specific apartment only. At new construction sites, the service enables different styles and furnishing packages to be compared using 3D images, videos, and marketing pictures, says Heikki Niskanen.

In addition to information distribution, the application allows the choice of renovation materials to be made easily, and payment through the system’s online store is equally convenient. The service can also be used to manage shareholder changes and to fill in apartment cards, worksite diaries, and supervisory documents. The system also serves as a drawing and document bank, and includes tools for making shareholder and feedback questionnaires.